Those Who Wander

Inspired by our whimsical sense of adventure. (Let’s wander in search of food.) 

Originated as dissatisfaction with the status quo. (It is unacceptable that. . .)

Continued as a hypothetical. (Wouldn’t it be interesting if. . .)

Nurtured by many cravings. (Wouldn’t it be mind-blowingly delicious if. . .)

Entered into reality as a sketch. (How cool would it be to build. . .)

. . . We the Queso lovers of Let Thy Food are adding to our family of companies, and announce the completion and the unveiling of

wander•culinari•lust, a trailblazing, wandering restaurant based in Denver, Colorado.

In the coming hours and days, we’ll be sharing all the important details — what to eat, when, and where! Stay up-to-date and get all the latest news on all things wander•culinari•lust by following wander•culinari•lust on Instagram and Facebook.